Can softener and bleach be used in washing white shirt?

If you are planning to wash the shirt for the first time, you have no idea whether you should use softener and/or bleach or not. So the following guide will surely be helpful.

According to laundry pick up service, fabric softener is not a good idea, by the way, because the shirts are no longer taut and the collar just hangs down sadly.

Should you use bleach on white shirts and if so which ones?

White shirts can be washed with a heavy-duty detergent. In heavy-duty laundry bleach which is often based on hydrogen peroxide is usually included from home. However, bleach can attack the material. The addition of extra bleach to white shirts is recommended only for very strong and stubborn dirt.

Instead, one can resort to various home remedies. A mild version of a bleaching agent is baking soda and citric acid. Simply add a quarter-liter of lemon juice or two sachets of baking soda to the laundry. Even vinegar essence can work wonders.

Here you have to put the laundry for about two hours in diluted and then wash normally. If the shirts are already lightly discolored, they can be placed overnight in milk or buttermilk, rinsed and then washed in the machine as usual.

How to prevent excessive wrinkling?

The A and O in wrinkles avoid the spin cycle. If you set the machine to 600 - 800 spinning revolutions, the laundry will get wet from the machine, but it will magically become smoother during drying. The shirts are to dry on a hanger. If you then pull down the button placket vigorously, the shirt is already pre-smoothed and ironing is thus facilitated.

Also, do not wash too many shirts at once or throw "heavy" garments such as jeans at the shirt in the drum. If boiling is required to wash only 6-8 shirts in a wash cycle, wrinkling will also be reduced.

After washing:

Shirts should be taken very quickly after washing out of the washing machine, shake well and then let it dry on a hanger. If, after drying, there are still wrinkles on the shirt, they are automatically smoothed by the body heat when wearing a non-iron shirt.

It takes about 5 minutes to iron a shirt professionally.

Iron shirts or not?

If that's not enough for you, you can also iron your shirts. Some grandmasters of the business look think it takes about 5 minutes to iron a shirt professionally.

If you do not want to take stress, you can simply use professional laundry pick up service.

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